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My Mission Statement: My daily goal is to inspire. Inspiring audiences who watch ideas come to life on the screen and inspiring actors and crew so that they want to come back on set every day and give me 110%. My 5-year goal is to attain an established reputation as an Assistant Director or Film Editor. My 10-year goal is to continue as an Assistant Director or Film Editor and to teach and mentor others with similar goals. Being knowledgeable, organized, focused and determined has already enabled me to assume the positions of Editor, Assistant Director, Digital Painter, Roto Artist and related leadership roles. My passion is to work in many locations on diverse film and television projects for children, inspirational, cultural, science fiction, fantasy and period-specific markets. All of who I am is in what I do. I am passionate in every avenue of my life and I live with purpose. I am enthusiastic, even about the ‘small’ stuff, while keeping focused on the ‘big’ picture which keeps me energized during the long hours on projects. I like to build bonding relationships with those I work with and can sense where I am needed. I enjoy helping and leading others to troubleshoot and organize their thoughts, ideas and projects to completion. I conceptualize in a moment, explain in detail, motivate and teach others to move with me. I invite constructive criticism and new ideas and am respectful when offering my opinion or insight. I empathize with others and give of myself where I can. It is my personal goal to be genuine and honest, happy to create, explore, and be challenged by new tools and concepts, always sharpening my skills. Life offers us countless passions so I have indulged in creative expression in many ways. I have completed my BA in Cinema , Art and Japanese Language. I have been a devoted belly dancer for seven years. I enjoy all facets of costume design and seamstress work. I sing and play the harp and enjoy public speaking. I am a painter who visualizes and can recreate and render on paper, canvas, digitally, for photo shoots, and on set. I am active in fashion and avant-grade photography. I am a long distance swimmer; I know how to pace myself to finish the race. I am an avid book reader and I also enjoy watching movies. I go to renaissance festivals and dance events. I spend time with animals and being in nature, often on long distance road trips. I’m fluent in Japanese cooking and culture. I’m always open to try new or unexplored ventures in order to expand my creative horizons to become all that I can be.
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