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Sometimes illustration is the means I employ in the preliminary stages of a project. Other times I feel inspired to release my imagination by bringing ideas to life on ‘paper’. Some of my graphic design work and digital illustration is also in this gallery. I find that illustration is often the best means for me to express feelings and dreams.
This gallery demonstrates a melding of three of my artistic pursuits. As a dancer, a painter and seamstress, I envisioned 'dancing on ink' as another form of performance art. I use Middle Eastern dance with a splash of contemporary to style the movement of the ink on large scrolls of paper. In Middle Eastern tradition, the wardrobe is just as important as the dance. I designed and crafted my performance wardrobe and present myself as an extension of the canvas with my feet and skirts as the tools. The whimsical flow of ink and graphite results in a 2D representation of a 3D performance. I immerse my audience in experiencing the creation of this art. The end product is only splattering of ink without the narration of the dance. I invite anyone from my audience to dance with me after each performance. It is magical to see what blooms when the opportunity is given.
I have been sewing and sketching since I saw Cinderella and the mice make a pretty pink dress. It had been just a hobby for many years but in the last 5 years costume design and sewing have become a much more important passion for me. From redesigning 1950's dresses for Disney princesses to belly dance costumes and Renfair dresses, I'm always serchign for ht enext project.
Digital creation can only go so far, that’s why I enjoy hands-on old school crafting and upcycling. I believe that anything can be material for creative expression. A white canvas is only one type of medium. In this gallery you see a collection of my various crafting projects, gifts, bento, sculpture, foodstuffs and more. If you like a certain project, let me know I'll make you one.
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